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A Follow-up Email is not a Thank You Note
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So you had a great interview (telephone or face-to-face) and you want to send a follow-up email to the hiring manager.

This follow-up email is an opportunity to thank the interviewer for their time and interest.

More importantly, however, this email should be a sales tool reiterating how your background and skill sets are a strong match for the hiring authority’s search criteria.

The "thank you" part of the email is simple etiquette and good manners.

The bulk of the body of the follow-up email should be an expression of:

  1. your excitement about the company
  2. your interest in pursuing the opportunity
  3. the relevant skill sets and experience you are bringing to the table.
Multiple Offers - Surprised Clients
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Over the last 25 years we have seen several boom and bust cycles in tech sector hiring.

The exciting news today is that although several areas of the USA economy are still suffering, we are now seeing a major resurgence in our clients’ demand for experienced software personnel.

Many of our candidates are receiving multiple offers and are being very selective in deciding which companies they will join.

Hiring managers who had become accustomed to an employer driven market are now surprised that they are losing top software candidates to other companies.

As recruiters, when our clients lose, we lose.

Remember, your potential employees now have multiple offers and your current employees may be considering other opportunities. It is imperative that you have a plan for both hiring and retaining top talent.

RC Search Announces Launch of New Website
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April 22, 2011 (Houston, TX)  RC Search, a Houston-based recruiting firm specializing in the placement of software professionals with software vendors and professional services firms in the United States, Canada and Europe is pleased to announce the launch of its new website www.rcsearch.com

"This website is a culmination of all of the ideas and methodologies that RC Search has developed throughout the years."  says Marilou Cades, Principal at RC Search.  "The new website will make it easy for our client companies and candidates to easily find all of the information about our opportunities, as well as easily access all of our training materials." continued Marilou.  

"Our clients as well as our candidates will enjoy this website." said Mel Cades, Principal of RC Search.  "We wanted to be sure that the website was bright, clean and most of all easy to navigate".

Interview Tips: The Beautiful Baby Concept
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Let's say that you bump into your neighbor while at the park with her beautiful toddler. You strike up a conversation when you comment on her beautiful baby girl. The proud mom tells you how talented the little one is - already reading, composing classical music, writing poetry and painting art that would make Monet jealous. You are impressed by the brilliance of this small child and don't hesitate to let your neighbor know. Your neighbor, beaming with pride, and loving you even more for sharing her vision of her child's genius invites you to a family barbeque that weekend. You graciously accept the invitation from your new BFF. This is the beautiful baby concept.

This same concept applies directly to the interview process. The hiring authority will play the part of the proud mother, and the company is the beautiful baby. You as the candidate want to convey to the hiring authority (i.e. the mother) the beauty of the baby (i.e. the company).

We suggest that our candidates prepare a list of "beautiful baby" reasons explaining why the candidate is interested in "learning more about" or "exploring" the client company opportunity. This list of "beautiful baby" reasons will demonstrate to the client that the candidate has:

RC Search Announces New Client - Rypple
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RC Search to search for Toronto/San Francisco Account Executive

April 1, 2011 (Houston, TX)  RC Search, a Houston-based recruiting firm specializing in the placement of software professionals with software vendors and professional services firms in the United States, Canada and Europe has been retained by new Client Rypple to recruit for their open account executive position.  Rypple builds social software that helps the world’s most innovative organizations promote cultures of ongoing feedback, coaching, and recognition. The product is offered as a SaaS solution and allows users to:

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