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The RC Search Process
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  1. Candidates background and experience are closely analyzed to ensure good match to client company’s background and experience criteria.
  2. RC Search presents client company with 5 – 6 qualified on-target candidates
  3. Client company selects candidates for whom they are interested. RC Search coordinates all interview logistics
  4. RC Search provides the candidate with interview resources to ensure that the candidate has the “best interview of their life”. We have a proven methodology for coaching and preparing our candidates. Prior to first interview, candidate receives personalized coaching from RC Search trainer. Candidate coaching sessions are approximately 30 to 90 minutes and consist of:alt
    1. Interview logistics – time, location, if telephone interview – phone numbers and who is calling whom.
    2. Clear and concise clarification of the client company’s desired background and experience.
    3. Information about the hiring authority, along with management hierarchy and corporate culture.
    4. Information about the client company’s hiring process.
    5. RC Search’s innovative and successful interview techniques and candidate coaching.
  5. Final Interview Preparation. RC Search handles all logistics pertaining to the final interview. In addition, RC Search will do a final candidate coaching session to prepare the candidate for their closing interview.