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WEB SITE: www.collabnet.com
ABOUT: CollabNet is the leader in Agile application lifecycle management (Agile ALM).

CollabNet TeamForge is the industry's only open and integrated ALM platform built specifically for distributed teams. It allows customers to manage all phases of the software development lifecycle using a cloud based architecture, enabling all stakeholders to collaborate on ALM software from requirements through release.

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  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for distributed teams.
  • Programming language, development tool and process agnostic.
  • A single environment to connect, collaborate, and develop globally.
  • Corporations can transform software development by:
    • Securely managing development projects.
    • Accelerating development productivity.
    • Driving code reuse and cross-project collaboration.
    • Gaining visibility and governance.
    • Embracing ALM best practices for agile development.

FINANCIALS: CollabNet is a venture backed pre IPO software vendor.

Venture capital investors include Norwest Venture Partners and Leader Ventures.
REVENUE: $40 Million
SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS: With more than 5 million users, the CollabNet ® Platform is the most widely used platform for distributed software development. By connecting remote teams and integrating disparate development tools, the CollabNet Platform simplifies distributed development, reduces infrastructure costs by up to 50%, and eliminates silos between isolated teams to speed innovation.

Using the CollabNet Platform, project members can work as one team throughout the lifecycle of a project, regardless of their location. Unlike traditional software development tools, the CollabNet Platform supports globally distributed teams in a cost-effective way, yielding unprecedented annual savings.
CLIENTS: More than 5000 global companies rely on CollabNet for their software development, offshoring, outsourcing, and partner co-development efforts.

Over 5 million developers and development managers use the CollabNet Platform for distributed development.

More than 17,000 development projects are managed on the CollabNet Platform

5 terabytes of source code and IP is secured using the CollabNet Platform Some of the largest developer communities are powered by CollabNet: OpenOffice.org, tigris.org, java.net