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WEB SITE: www.rypple.com
ABOUT: Rypple builds social software that helps the worlds most innovative organizations promote cultures of ongoing feedback, coaching, and recognition. The product is offered as a SaaS solution and allows users to:
  • publicly recognize great work
  • track achievements, goals and feedback in one place
  • get helpful anonymous feedback on the fly
  • keep track of 1:1 meetings.
Rypple has been profiled in dozens of print and online publications including Fortune, BusinessWeek, CNN Finance, Harvard Business, The Economist, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, and GigaOm.

As one Mozilla client stated: “With Rypple I can constantly learn, adjust and grow without having to wait anxiously for the next review cycle.”

As The Economist stated “Certainly better than… annual reviews”
OFFICE LOCATIONS: Toronto Headquarters
San Francisco
FINANCIALS: Rypple is a well financed pre IPO software vendor.

Venture Capital investors include Bridgescale Partners Edgestone Capital Partners, Peter Thiel, and Seymour Schulich (full list: http://rypple.com/investors.)
EMPLOYEES: 34 employees
CLIENTS: Thousands of teams use Rypple to stay on track and work better together.

Clients include Hulu, Cisco, Webex, Mozilla, Ticketfly, VivaKi, Shaw Communications, Rackspace, Insomniac Games, Shopify, etc.