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UNDERSTANDING WHAT MATTERS: Autonomy is a global leader in infrastructure software that helps organizations derive meaning and value from all of their information assets, automating the retrieval, processing, and management of both structured and unstructured information. Through its innovative technology, Autonomy fundamentally changes the way global 2,000 companies, law firms and governments discover, analyze and manage information and interactions across websites, intranets and extranets. Founded in 1996, Autonomy is headquartered in Cambridge, England and San Francisco, California and is acknowledged as the international leader in high-end information processing and governance.

Autonomy’s global customer base of 20,000 and more than 400 OEMs are transforming an entire industry as more and more companies and vendors standardize on Autonomy solutions. With a market capitalization that has surpassed $6 billion, Autonomy has grown into one of the most successful software companies in the world ensuring longevity, reliability and stability for its investors, customers and partners.

FOUNDED ON INNOVATION: Founded out of pioneering research at Cambridge University, Autonomy’s vision has been to revolutionize the way people interact with information by providing software that is able to automate operations on not just structured and semi-structured but also unstructured information. This groundbreaking technology, developed by acknowledged world experts, uses a unique combination of Bayesian Inference and Shannon’s Information Theory to form a conceptual and contextual understanding of any piece of electronic data, be it text, HTML, email, voice or video. On average, Autonomy invests 20% of its annual revenue on R&D, and its wholly-owned award-winning technology is covered by over 170 patents, ensuring its customers are not faced with the associated integration issues or license complications of “bolt-on” technology.
MEANING BASED COMPUTING: The volume of digital information is increasing exponentially with the explosion of unstructured information: emails, websites, blogs, instant messaging, audio files, video clips, chat rooms and web pages. It offers incredible value if it can be harnessed, otherwise it represents a growing risk. Formerly, the rich quality of human information had to be reduced before computers could process it, for example, distilling a feature-length video into a short, searchable, text summary. Autonomy turns that on its head, allowing computers to harness the full richness of human information, bringing meaning to all data, regardless of what or where it is. Known as Meaning Based Computing, this movement represents a fundamental shift in the IT industry, where computers adapt to our human world, rather than the other way around. Meaning Based Computing signals the ability of computers to comprehend the concepts and context of data, enabling people to interact with information and ideas and understand their relationships to each other, no matter how they are expressed. Based on that understanding, these systems process information and perform sophisticated analysis operations with real business value automatically, proactively and in real-time.
TECHNOLOGY: At the heart of Autonomy’s infrastructure software is the Intelligent Data Operating Layer™ (IDOL), a technology founded upon advanced pattern matching and concept extraction developed from extensive research at Cambridge University. A secure, highly scalable platform, IDOL can be deployed across an organization to handle all of its information access, retrieval and processing needs via a simple user interface. Sitting above an organization’s data, IDOL serves as a platform for the conceptual and contextual understanding of all information, regardless of format or language. Automatically analyzing data from 1,000 different content formats, including text, HTML, voice or video, IDOL connects to more than 400 different repositories such as SharePoint. IDOL delivers over 500 functions to drive efficiency, productivity and profitability by enabling the extraction of knowledge from the ever-increasing volumes of information.

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