Interview Tips: The Beautiful Baby Concept

Let's say that you bump into your neighbor while at the park with her beautiful toddler. You strike up a conversation when you comment on her beautiful baby girl. The proud mom tells you how talented the little one is - already reading, composing classical music, writing poetry and painting art that would make Monet jealous. You are impressed by the brilliance of this small child and don't hesitate to let your neighbor know. Your neighbor, beaming with pride, and loving you even more for sharing her vision of her child's genius invites you to a family barbeque that weekend. You graciously accept the invitation from your new BFF. This is the beautiful baby concept.

This same concept applies directly to the interview process. The hiring authority will play the part of the proud mother, and the company is the beautiful baby. You as the candidate want to convey to the hiring authority (i.e. the mother) the beauty of the baby (i.e. the company).

We suggest that our candidates prepare a list of "beautiful baby" reasons explaining why the candidate is interested in "learning more about" or "exploring" the client company opportunity. This list of "beautiful baby" reasons will demonstrate to the client that the candidate has:

  • done his/her homework in learning about the company and
  • is excited about the possibility of joining the company.

This candidate "excitement" is crucial because the more the candidate likes the client company the more the client/interviewer likes the candidate.

offer from the client/interviewer. We are suggesting that at this stage of the interview the candidate must express why he/she believes that the interviewer's career opportunity could be the candidate's correct next career move.

List of Beautiful Baby Reasons a Candidate Wishes to Explore the Interviewer/Client's Career Opportunity

The candidate's list of "beautiful baby reasons" should address several of the following client company elements:

  • technology
  • market space
  • product's compelling ROI value
  • client list
  • sales growth
  • financial backing
  • management team strength
  • competitive advantages

The list of "beautiful baby reasons" should also address several reasons why the interviewer/client's company's career opportunity matches the candidate's personal aspirations:

  • desire to fill the role the client is attempting to fill

(For example, if a client is attempting to fill a 100% bag carrying individual quota role, the candidate must express a desire to fill such a role. If the candidate speaks of a desire for sales management role the client/interviewer will in most cases immediately discard the applicant's candidacy.)

  • desire to continue or start to sell the type of software solutions the client company is offering
  • desire to work with a company similar in size to the interviewer/client's company

(For example if a candidate is interviewing for a position with a small pre IPO company, the candidate could speak about a desire to work in a small company environment that lacks bureaucracy and where he/she will have great visibility and impact)

(If a candidate is interviewing for a position with a larger company, the candidate should speak about a desire to work in a company environment where there are deep financial resources, large client bases etc.)

When to Deliver the Candidate's Beautiful Baby Reasons

We recommend that the candidate deliver some of these "beautiful baby" reasons at the beginning of the interview and deliver additional "beautiful babies" at the appropriate times throughout the remainder of the interview.

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