FINANCIALS: Publicly Traded Software Vendor
Public Stock Symbol ADBE (NASDAQ)
EMPLOYEES: Approximately 8,660 worldwide
CORE TECHNOLOGIES: Portable Document Format, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe PostScript, Adobe AIR, Adobe Digital Editions, Omniture Online Marketing Suite


Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES2) is a SOA Java EE-based server software product from Adobe Systems Incorporated used to build applications that automate a broad range of business processes for enterprises and government agencies. It combines technologies for data capture, information assurance, document output, content services, and process management to deliver solutions such as account opening, services and benefits enrollment, correspondence management, request for proposal processes, and other manual based workflows. LiveCycle ES2 incorporates PDF (Portable Document Format) technology with Flex (Flash-based UI technology) to allow developers to create human interactive applications.

Adobe positions LiveCycle ES2 as a platform to help with customer engagement by providing end users with more compelling experiences which can be extended outside the organization to customers, partners, and citizens. LiveCycle applications also function in both online or offline environments. These capabilities are enabled through the use of Adobe Reader and the Flash Player clients that are found on the majority of desktop computers and mobile devices.


Day creates content management infrastructure software in the Day CRX product line and enterprise content management applications in the Day Communiqué product line. Its most important product is Day Communiqué WCM, a Web content management system that is used for public-facing websites and intranets of large corporations such as McDonald's and Daimler. Day is engaged in the content repository API for Java standardization process and contributes to open source software projects such as Apache Jackrabbit and Apache Sling.

Day Software was acquired by Adobe Systems on 28th July, 2010 for $240 Million USD.

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