Reference Guidelines

RC Search Reference Guidelines


Our clients frequently request references before extending an offer to our candidates. Most frequently they will require 3 to 6 references – 1 or 2 in each of the following categories:

Sales Candidates:

  • previous or *current sales manager
  • previous or *current sales representative colleague
  • previous or *current pre sales support representative colleague
  • previous or *current client

Sales Support Candidates:

  • previous or *current sales support manager
  • previous or *current sales support representative colleague
  • previous or *current pre sales representative colleague
  • previous or *current client


  • previous or *current consulting manager
  • previous or *current consultant colleague
  • previous or *current client

*Please note – NEVER supply a current colleague or current client reference unless you are 200% certain that they will not somehow endanger your current position. You do not want to endanger your current position until you have a signed offer letter for a new position.


Please provide the following information to us or our clients concerning your references:

The reference’s name, current position, current company, office telephone number, home telephone (if it is appropriate to call at home) and a one sentence description of how you interacted with the reference.


Mr. John Smith
Vice President of Sales
ABC Corporation
Office Telephone: (803) 222-9567

John was my direct sales manager when I sold for XYZ company.


  1. Determine whether we, the recruiters, or our clients will be calling your references.
  2. Call the references and
    • Tell them who will be calling them and when they will be calling
      (Mel Cades, a recruiter, will be calling, or Sam Smith, the VP of Sales at ABC company, will be calling this week or early next week).
    • Tell them the nature of the new opportunity you are exploring
      (the reference’s responses to the reference questions will be more on target if they know whether you are seeking a sales, sales management or the other type of position).
    • Thank them for taking the time to act as your reference
      (we want these people in the best of moods so that they will give you glowing references).