Follow-up Letter

RC Search Follow-up Letter Template

We suggest that you use the following RC Search follow-up letter template as an inspiration. However, please note that this specific sample follow-up letter has been used as a guide by many candidates with our clients in the past. Thus, please use this sample letter solely as an inspiration in writing your own follow-up letter.

We suggest that you email or fax your follow-up letter to us for review before submitting it to the interviewer/client. Our email address is and our 24 hour fax number is 800-256-7262.

Dear Mr. Smith:

I would like to thank you for your time and consideration during my interview last week.

I am very interested in pursuing this Dallas based Senior System Consultant opportunity. I believe that my experience and skill sets match your selection criteria. I have

  • worked extensively with relational database technology and 4GL tools
  • 5 years of pre-sales and product presentation experience
  • 8 years of consulting experience interfacing with many clients in diverse industries
  • a well-developed ability to identify problems and implement fast and reliable solutions.

I will continue this interviewing process with Sandra or Harry early next week in your Dallas office.

I look forward to becoming a strong contributing ABC company team member in the near future.