i2, Inc.
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WEB SITE: www.i2inc.com
ABOUT: Founded in 1980 i2 Inc. is the leading worldwide provider of visual investigative analysis software for law enforcement, government, military, intelligence and commercial organizations.

I2 Inc.’s integrated suite of products enables investigators and analysts to quickly understand complex scenarios and volumes of seemingly unrelated data, perform analysis and communicate the results.

For 30 years i2 Inc.’s products have proven instrumental in helping to solve cases of fraud, drug trafficking, counterterrorism, national security, corporate security and more.

I2 Inc. recently acquired COPLINK Inc. and now offers a full range of enterprise solutions.
FINANCIALS: Approximately $80 Million in revenue
Privately held by Silver Lake Venture Capital
COPLINK Tactical Suite
CLIENTS: Over 20,000 organizations in 149 countries worldwide use

i2 Inc.’s software providing data fusion and analysis solutions. I2 Inc.’s software allows military and national security organizations to store, process and the extract relevant information to meet operational needs.

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i2, Inc. - Canada Sales Representative
i2, Inc. - Western Region Commercial Accounts Representative